Mobile Storage

You Call….We Haul…You’re Done

Mobile Storage Works Like This:

You call us at (706) 845-9700.  No need to come to our facility.  We will deliver your storage unit to you.  You load at your leisure; no need to rush.  Lock it and call us when ready.  We will come back and pick up your locked unit, move it to our protected facility and store it there.  You are only one who will ever handle your belongings.  You are the only one who has access to your unit.  You may drive up to your unit at your convenience  to add or remove items.

When you are ready we will re-deliver your unit to your destination.

The units are custom designed and built for this purpose.  They are off the ground and sealed.  No dust, dirt or insects can get in.  Your belongings will be in the same condition as the day you loaded them.

What could be easier?

With nothing more than a phone call, all of your moving and storage problems are eliminated.  Each unit can hold a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment.

You will save work, money and time.

  • It is less work, you only load and unload once; not several times.
  • It is cheaper than renting a truck and a storage unit.
  • It is faster.  It only takes about an hour to load each unit.

It will take all day with a truck renting, loading and storage unloading.  Remember with standard storage you will have to repeat this process when you are ready to empty the storage unit.

For more information about our Mobile Storage solution please visit our dedicated Mobile Storage website at